Why do I need a Trust?

Trusts can solve many of the risks and uncertainties faced by an individual who wants to protect their assets after they have died.

Trusts can offer you protection from:

  • Certain individuals who aren’t provided for in your Will being able to contest it
  • Children from a previous relationship not being provided for should you die before a new spouse or partner
  • A child with an addiction or money problem inheriting a large amount of money in one go without having any controls in place
  • Having your share of your home sold to pay for another’s care fees

What is a Trust?

A simple way of understanding how a Trust works is as follows:

If you owned a property in the real world and wanted to keep people out, the best way to do this would be to put a fence around it.

A Trust can be imagined as a legal way of putting up a fence around your assets and saying ‘hands off!’ This could be a property, a child’s inheritance until they come of age or another asset. Only people you have specifically named will have access to them.

Trusts can also protect your family from:

  • The expense, lengthy delays and red tape of the probate/estate administration process
  • A beneficiary’s benefits being stopped because their inheritance pushes them over the ‘savings cap’ with their inheritance then having to be used to cover care costs
  • A beneficiary losing a significant proportion of their inheritance just because they happened to be going through a divorced at the time that you die
  • A beneficiary potentially losing a significant proportion of their inheritance just because they happened to be in debt when you die
  • Future generations having to pay Inheritance Tax

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