Storage & After Care

If your Will cannot be found when needed, whether it has been lost or stolen, damaged due to fire or flood or simply appears to have been tampered with, you haven’t got one! Your estate will be administered according to the “Rules of Intestacy” a “pecking order” laid down in law. Any trusts or special instructions within your Will simply wouldn’t exist; your wishes may well not be carried out and some or all of your estate may go to beneficiaries you would not have chosen.

This could cause complications, delays and additional costs to your loved ones at an already difficult time.

We offer a secure storage facility to keep your Will safe.

When you store your Will with us, not only do you get peace of mind, you also get:

  • free registration of your Will on the National Will Register (usually £30 per person).
  • your Will backed up on computer as an additional safeguard.
  • free “Copy Wills” provided for you and (at your discretion) your executors.
  • certificates for executors (at your discretion) detailing where the documents are stored and how to retrieve them when necessary.
  • a free Will commentary (a written explanation of the Will in plain English).
  • coming soon – a free Life Index, which details assets to help executors.
  • a free guidance booklet for your executors on the probate process.
  • free advice for the life of the documents.
  • a free annual review of your Will, in case of legislation changes.
  • a 50% discount on updates to your Will made by post.
  • a 25% discount on updates to your Will requiring a home visit.
  • free storage of additional paper documents such as Property Deeds, Powers of Attorney.
  • free of charge retrieval and delivery of Wills.
  • competitive rates should your executors be unable or unwilling to act.

Retrieval of a Will is always free, other documents incur a small administration fee, except at death when retrieval is also free. Your executors can only retrieve the Will after providing a death certificate.

Our storage facility is managed by a business partner, Kings Court Trust Ltd, which securely stores over 100,000 documents. It has a fully managed and professionally converted World War II bunker that is 100 feet underground, offering a naturally safe and secure environment for these important documents. It is protected against flood, fire and other risks, giving you complete peace of mind about the security of your documents.

Your documents can be retrieved by you at any time by contacting us.

If you would like to talk to us to find out how we can give you and your loved ones peace of mind, get in touch today.