Storage and After Care

A Will is the most important document you will ever own, although it serves no purpose while you’re alive!

Your Will is an incredibly valuable document and if it goes missing it can cause a lot of problems. Without it, your loved ones will face complications, delays and additional costs at an already difficult time.

If your Will has been damaged due to fire or flood, or appears to have been tampered with, you haven’t got one! This means your estate will be administered according to the ‘Rules of Intestacy’ which is a ‘pecking order’ laid down by the law. This means any Trusts or special instructions within your Will simply won’t exist. Your wishes may well be not carried out and some or all of your estate may go to beneficiaries you would not have chosen. If there are no close living relatives alive, the Crown will generally inherit.

Our storage service will take away this stress and uncertainty and ensure that your family not only know that there is a Will but also where it is stored and how to retrieve it when the time comes.