Funeral Planning

An average funeral and cremation costs in the region of £3,500 to £4,000 – a sum of money that is difficult for many people to find quickly. What’s more, prices are rising quickly: funeral prices typically rise by 7 – 10% each year.

A funeral plan guarantees that your funeral director’s fees will be met in full, but paid for at today’s prices. Not only is the financial burden taken from your loved ones, so too is the emotional one, as all of your wishes can be documented and pre-arranged.

Payment doesn’t have to be up front but can be spread over many years and you are guaranteed acceptance regardless of age without any medical questions.

Once you have taken out your plan, all wishes and arrangements can be specified in full and can be amended at any time.

Your investment is guaranteed and can be returned at any time. The investment is also classed as being outside of your estate and isn’t considered by your local authority if assessing your assets.

If you would like to discuss funeral planning, get in touch today to arrange your no-obligation appointment.