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If you’re looking for a Will Writer who gives friendly, professional, straightforward advice then you’ve come to the right place. We explain everything in plain English and offer a no-obligation chat online, at home or in your work place. Services we offer include Will Writing, Trusts, Lasting Powers of Attorney, Funeral Planning, Estate Administration Probate and Documentation Storage. Over 60% of the UK population don’t have a Will. If you die without one, this can cause a lot of problems for your loved ones at a very difficult and stressful time.

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Why choose us?

  • Our Director, Sevvy Hasan, is a highly qualified and experienced Will Writer
  • Sevvy holds STEP’s Advanced Certificate in Will Preparation – the highest qualification for Willlwriters.
  • All documents are drafted by Sevvy himself, rather than a third party, so there is no risk of your wishes being ‘lost in translation’
  • We offer consultations via the internet during evenings and at weekends
  • We can provide a quick turnaround service if needed
  • We don’t use legal jargon – only plain English
  • All fees are fixed and quoted up front
  • All our work is fully insured

What Do We Offer?

We are proud to provide friendly, efficient, supportive and professional advice when you need it most.

 ‘Sevvy took the time to help my parents with their Wills. He explained everything with great care and attention and ensured they fully understood the implications of what they were doing’

Jamie P, Kidderminster